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Ashton Designs provides a one-stop Server and Client support solution for small to medium-size businesses. With our network engineers skills and expertise spanning the comprehensive spectrum of computing environments, we can offer complete synergetic solutions guaranteed to work for you.
We take full responsibility for our work, unlike what you'd find with a multivendor solution where finger pointing is typical. Whether your e-business is just taking off, you are not happy with your current system, or your current system needs critical upgrades, we can lead you to a guaranteed successful solution.

Our complete Client Server support services include

  • Proactive onsite and remote workstation and network maintenance
  • Technology planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Windows 2000, XP , Vista  and Windows 7 migration
  • Windows  server family implementation
  • Windows Share Point Services implementation
  • Linux, Unix server implementation (server centric)
  • Security (firewall, network protection, virus and data protection)
  • VPN and remote access solutions
  • Wireless and PDA integration services
  • Office move planning and project management
  • Data backup implementation and monitoring
  • Internet connectivity
  • MS Exchange Servers, both web based and local
  • Virtualization and Cloud computing


Planning your network is the most critical step. With your direct input Ashton Designs will analyze your needs for application software, connectivity, remote and wireless access, mail, messaging and Internet presence.

Based on these needs we will design your hardware network, your approval and involvement is essential in this process. Once the plans are approved by you we will purchase quality hardware and software for your locations.


Ashton Designs network specialists, using the results from the planning stage will design hardware configurations to accommodate all your corporate needs outlined in the plan. Any refinements can be done during this stage.

 Scalability is the cornerstone of any design project, Ashton Designs will configure scalable hardware and software in the design, protecting your investment. Future technologies will also be considered during this stage.


The implementation stage involves installation and configuration of the following:

  • Hardware, servers and clients
  • Network operating system, Windows Server, Windows 7 Clients, Vista Clients, XP Clients, Linux and Unix servers and thin clients
  • Application software, databases, office applications, office automation
  • Mail servers, MS Exchange server
  • Printer and print servers
  • Connectivity software and hardware, DSL, T1/T3 and Cable Broadband
  • Security software, anti virus, firewall, network and data protection measures
  • Wireless devices integration
  • VPN (virtual private network)
  • Data backup software and procedures
  • Help desk
  • You are now ready to utilize your new state of the art network, the next step is network maintenance.


Ashton Designs is with you at every step of the way, so far with your assistance, we have planed, designed and implemented your network. The final step is to subscribe to a maintenance plan, one that keeps your network uptime at 99.9%. Several plans are available for support of your network (new or existing ) and your help desk.

Available support options:

  • Onsite hardware and software maintenance monthly billing plan
  • Onsite hardware and software maintenance per incident billing
  • Remote network management monthly billing
  • Remote network management per incident billing
  • Off site help desk monthly billing
  • Off site help desk per incident billing

Not all companies have the same support needs, select the support program that will best suite your needs. We offer custom support plans as well. Contact us for more details.

Help Desk

Our trained and responsive staff are there to help you when you need them.

Unified Messaging

We focus on the most reliable networking equipment and software in the market today and specialize in Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000/NT, Windows Server family, Linux and UNIX. To round off your network's capabilities, Ashton Designs can also help you to install and maintain mail systems, Internet access, data backup services, and secure remote access to your systems and servers.

Web Software and E-Business Development

Since successful businesses often gain the competitive edge with a well-designed and executed web applications, Ashton Designs helps you to find the best web-based solution for your business to run as efficiently as possible.
Whether you are upgrading your existing web site, trying to integrate your employees, customers and suppliers more efficiently, or just starting out, Ashton Designs will provide the best web-based business solutions available.

Your Advantage

End to End solutions for business! No middle man, no multivendor headaches. Complete Networking, Internet presence, E-commerce and maintenance all in one package. Your company can benefit from this even if you already have a network and/or Internet presence, Ashton Designs can update, upgrade and maintain your networks.


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